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developing your
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First, we’re not really mean; we’re actually pretty nice. Second, we’re a visual design freelancing duo out of the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, BC, that focuses on creating and growing brand personalities, ensuring your brands style is consistent and cohesive through each piece of material that's created.

We started off as two independent visual designers who did their own thing, but we quickly realized that two artistically inclined brains were better than one, so we teamed up to combine our passion and love for design to make awesome things for you. We want to help you achieve your branding goals and help your business appeal to the right clients, ensuring the tone stays true to your brand's identity.

our flow

It all begins with an idea. We collaborate on the idea, stretching it until it meets its full potential.
Then we create until the creation becomes a reality.

you follow?


why hire a
visual designer?

Hiring the right visual designer can be tricky. There’s a lot of average design these days, and not to undermine your artistic abilities, but unless you’ve suddenly acquired DaVinci’s talent or know how to work Adobe, it’s better to leave the development of your business’ brand in more capable hands. Why? Because a good visual designer is a creative individual that knows the needs of their client before the client even knows. Our passion for design is translated in the designs we make and we’ll make sure that every detail is drawn and executed to fit your exact requirements and your business' needs. 


you need a great design team,
know what i meen?

Not only do we specialize in brand identity & logo design, but also illustrations, lettering, publication layouts, print collateral, and marketing materials. Basically, we can do anything.

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meet our
creative brains


Meet Melissarae & Jennifer, the masterminds behind MEEN Design. If you haven't already figured it out, their company name is a mash up of their first names...get it? GOOD. Moving on. Together, these two are pretty unstoppable and each bring a different design style to the table. Their combined passion for design and detail proves they've got you covered regardless of what project you throw their way.



Melissarae, better known as Smell Mel, is a lover of publication design and all things visual. She will out Kanye you any day and you’ll usually find remnants of paint on mostly everything she owns. When she's not designing her heart out or daydreaming, you’ll find her rapping Drake’s entire “If you’re Reading this it’s too late” album. Creep her latest projects if you dare.



Jennifer (cue J.J) is an avid coffee drinker who enjoys living bun-life and exploring what beautiful B.C. has to offer. JJ is a weekend warrior, and when she's not designing you can usually find her shredding Whistler’s mountain or climbing Pender Island’s trees. When she's not off exploring, she's probably petting random dogs or macraméing / lettering her little heart out for her side business, Kraft and Kindle.


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